1. video interview: thom yorke & 3d (london occupy movement)

    /Thom Yorke and Massive Attack’s 3D DJ’ed the other day for London’s Occupy Protesters. They did one interiew on the roof of the UBS building.

    After their DJ sets this week, 3D and Thom Yorke talked about the Occupy Movement. Thom: “The banks took the money that was supposed to keep us safe and robbed it and then said it was some kind of act of god. There are people who are responsible and they’re not being held to account. (…) If I was Prime Minister of this country, I would be wondering how I was going to keep this anger at bay, because the anger’s going to get worse. They’re siding with the wrong people. You cannot keep going with the current system”.

    (Source: ateaseweb.com)


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