1. squarepusher / dark steering


    […] I wanted to do gigs where you’ve just got mirrors on the stage, and then you light the crowd so all they can see is themselves. It’s just like, ‘There you go, it’s you, you cunts.’ […]

    » http://pitchfork.com/features/cover-story/reader/aphex-twin «

  3. coronus, the terminator

  4. RA sessions: nils frahm - all melody / #2

  5. broken social scene / sweetest kill   

    / "is evil something you are? or is it something you do?”

  6. son lux / lost it to trying (mouths only lying)

  7. container / glaze   

    /via panda bear

  8. panda bear / mix ticks 



  9. sem casaco big band performing ‘the akara’ by beirut 

    /via ricjo

  10. son lux / live at ‘food for your senses’ festival

  11. thundercat & eric andre / tron song

    the most demented music video of the year. EPIC.

  12. four tet @ villette sonique

    better version, without any audio cuts: four tet à la villette sonique

  13. aphex twin / minipops 67 [120.2] [source field mix]

  14. BOOM’14 || my first BOOM experience

    Directed by:
    André Santos [ http://goo.gl/RuxRZ4 / http://goo.gl/ZakYb4 ]

    Special thanks:
    Claudio Damião

    Footage recorded on 3, 6 and 7 of August.

    Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys - This is Bindi
    Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys - Hang Chill
    Hilight Tribe - Free Tibet

  15. jamie xx / all under one roof raving

    /related: fiorucci made me hardcore